Microsoft’s translating hologram powered by Hololens 2

Microsoft’s translating hologram powered by Hololens 2

Microsoft’s translating hologram powered by Hololens 2

The world of mixed reality is evolving day on day. Microsoft revealed an amazing new product at a keynote speech in the 2019 Inspire Conference. A Mixed Reality hologram that was broadcasted live and that was capable of translating Julia White’s speech into perfect Japanese. Microsoft’s translating hologram is on another level.

We have a feeling that it may take a while before we can actually use tech like this without major snags, but the technology already exists. It’s just a case of great companies continuing to do amazing things with the tech. Take a look at the video below. This will blow your mind!

As you can see in the video, a 3d model of Julia is rendered onto the stage, first tracking to her hand and moving as she does, in her palm. Then, at her command, it becomes bigger and stands beside her and starts to speak in Japanese.

To know that this technology is here is certainly impressive. One thing that is absent from the demonstration was the facial tracking. When the the 3D model is speaking Japanese, the face is still using the tracking data from when they captured the model, meaning it sounds as if she is speaking Japanese, but her face looks as if she is speaking English.

If Microsoft employed an engine to go back and change her facial movements, after the translation program had made the Japanese audio, then the face and the sound would match.

The technology in this area is advancing at an astounding rate, and this will definitely be achievable in the near future.

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